Dumblings- kbeibat

Dumblings- kbeibat

Ingredients for 24 to 25 pieces:

Ingredients for the meat:

  • 250 gr. chopped
  • 1 onion
  • 1 bunch of parsley
  • 1 tablespoon tomato puree
  • 1 tablespoon sweet paprika powder
  • pepper and salt

Ingredients for the semolina dough:

  • 500 gr. coarse semolina                                                                                 
  • 420 ml. lukewarm water
  • 2 small spoons of salt
  • 3 tablespoons sweet pepper powder

Preparation of the meat:

  1. Mix the parsley and the onions together very finely.
  2. Mix everything with the minced meat.
  3. Add the pepper, salt, paprika powder and the tomato puree to it.

Prepare the dough:

  1. Mix the semolina with the burgul, salt, paprika powder and 250 ml water and let rest 5 min.
  2. Knead everything well with each other 3 min and add the rest of the lukewarm water to it and then knead another 8 mins.
  3. Put a little lukewarm water in a bowl next to you to moisten your hands.
  4. Take a hand of 20 gr. of the dough and make and press flat already rotating in your palm, thickness of 1 cm.
  5. Take and small spoon of the spiced meat and put in it, squeeze the ends close to each other.
  6. Moisten your hands with some water if the dough is dry or hard to open in your hand.
  7. Do this until the dough is on and put the filled dough side by side, beware that they do not stick together.
  8. Put 4 liter of water in a deep pot and bring to a boil with 5 small spoons of salt.
  9. When the water boils dip the dumplings one by one in it. Do not boil them all at the same time let cook 15 min.
  10. Use a wooden spoon to stir gently.
  11. When they are cooked, gently pull them out with a sieve spoon and dip the 2nd part into it and let it cook for 15 minutes.
  12. Serve with a little cooking damp.

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